Agreement For Permanent Seasonal Employment Form

The IRS can assign seasonal workers to other seasonal workers instead of releasing the employee during the scheduled layoff period. Title 5 CFR Part 340 provides for the placement of seasonal workers who have completed the season for which they were hired in other seasonal positions. Employees can be transferred to another position at the end of the first season with another season and a new seasonal employment contract. The indicator for measuring the progress of the policy instrument is the number of permanent workers using the instrument. Progress is measured annually and the figures are published in the report on the implementation of the guidelines for the development and implementation of an active employment policy. The employer can therefore conclude seasonal contracts for an unlimited number of seasons with the same employee. For these activities, the employer can reward the person with a monthly amount that must not exceed the average amount of the monthly allowance during unemployment paid in the previous year (in 2017 it was 42 HRK). Seasonal workers receive financial assistance for the entire off-season period (no more than 6 months), whether or not they work for this period — this is also a social measure. During this period, they can work for the employer on preparations for the next season and on non-seasonal events, for which they can be rewarded with the amount that is not higher than the average remuneration of the unemployed of the previous year.

Even if the seasonal employment contract has already been renewed twice, the employer is not required to respect a waiting period. On December 31, the employer proposes to extend the contract for an additional 2 months.