Agreement Of Accreditation The Registrar provides a complete electronic copy of the data at least one (1) time per week for download by third parties who have entered into a bulk access agreement with the Registrar. 7.4.3 If the proposed revisions are agreed upon at the end of the discussion period, ICANN publishes on its website the proposed revisions by mutual agreement for no less than thirty (30) calendar days (the «booking period») and informs all applicable registrars in accordance with Section 7.6 of these amendments. ICANN and the working group will review public comments on proposed revisions during the posting period (including notices from the appropriate filers). At the end of the posting period, the proposed revisions are submitted to the Board of Directors of the Commission for approval and approval by the Registrar. When such authorizations are obtained, the proposed amendments are considered to have been approved by the relevant registrars and by ICANN and are valid and are considered to be an amendment to this agreement after sixty (60) calendar days from ICANN to the Registrar. Accreditation may also be terminated automatically if the obligations of the parties in the accreditation contract are not achievable. 5.9 Restrictions on monetary policy remedies in the event of a violation of this agreement. ICANN`s total monetary liability for violations of this agreement may not exceed the amount paid by the ICANN Registrar in accordance with subsection 3.9 of this Agreement during the previous twelve-month period. The registrant`s monetary liability to ICANN for violations of this agreement is limited to the accreditation fees incurred by ICANN under this agreement and, except in the event of a good faith disagreement over the interpretation of this agreement, the appropriate payment to ICANN for reasonable and direct costs, including legal fees, working time and other costs related to this agreement. , which are related to legitimate efforts, compliance with this agreement by the Registrar, and the cost of ICANN to respond to the negative consequences of such behavior for registered name holders and the Internet community.

In the event of a deliberate and intentional breach of the agreement, the Registrar is liable for penalties of up to five (5) ICANN enforcement costs, but failing that, neither party will be held liable for special, indirect, random, punitive, exemplary or violation of this agreement. The Registrar`s Access Agreement requires the third party to commit not to use the data to enable high-quality automated electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of an ICANN registrar or accredited registrar, unless it is reasonably necessary to register domain names or modify existing records.