Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement Briefing Booklet

What — Continuous assessment (EC): Under E.O. 12968, a person who has been classified or currently has access to classified information is subject to continuous evaluation standards Answer: No. There is no explicit or implicit verification requirement prior to publication in SF 312, as there is no obligation in SF 189 and SF 189-A. However, if a person who has had access to classified information is concerned that something he or she has prepared for publication may contain classified information, that person should be encouraged to submit it to his or her current or last employers` office for voluntary verification. In this way, the person minimizes the possibility of taking legal action against him or her as a result of an unauthorized disclosure. Answer: Original or legally enforceable facsimiles of SF 312 must be retained for 50 years after the date of execution. As a general rule, microforms and other reproductions, such as computer disks or electronic storage media, are legally applicable in the absence of the originals. Each authority must keep its executed copies of SF 312 in a file system from which the agreement can be accessed promptly if the United States is required to request their application. For agreements executed by U.S. government civilian personnel, a public authority may retain the copy of SF 312 and SF 189 executed in the Official Personnel Office (OPF) of the United States Office of Personnel Management as a long-term document (right page) for that employee. § 793. In addition, anyone carrying classified information must have a courier card.

1. The term «classified information» is information or material that, in accordance with the provisions of an act or implementing regulation (or a regulation or order made under a law or regulation), is a particular level of protection against unauthorized disclosure on grounds of national security, and that is clearly identified or clearly indicated. All clearance holders must verify the following documents and sign an SF-312 before obtaining a security clearance. Once you have checked the SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Briefing, the Briefing Booklet and the Safety Supplement Briefing Material Handout (all below). Check and sign the SF-312 (v.2013). Sf-312 is a legally binding document between the signatory and the U.S. government, which outlines the release holder`s obligations to protect classified information and to refrain from unauthorized use or disclosure….