Collective Agreement Wlufa

15.3.4 The university consults the department or program when assigning a senior academic administrator or senior research chair to a domestic department or program. The parties agree that the protocols cannot be amended without the agreement of the university and the association, and all amendments to this document are agreed by the Joint Liaison Committee 13.7.4 that the terms of the joint appointment will be signed by both members and the vice-president: Academic. Within 5 days of signing, the Vice-President: Academic sends a copy of the agreement to the association. In the absence of agreement on an independent presidency, the committee is composed of three representatives of the university and three representatives of the association, the committee being co-chaired by one (1) representing the association and one (1) representative of the university. No member of the redundancy committee is part of the unit or university sub-unit involved in the proposed dismissal and no member of the committee must have participated in the development of the university`s proposal in accordance with point 23.4. For any questions regarding the practices of Laurier employees that are not covered in manuals or collective agreements, please contact Human Resources at 519.884.0710 x2007. 31.3.3 There is a single university questionnaire for all credit courses, with the exception of music studio instruction courses assessed at 31.4 and e-learning courses assessed at point 31.5. For the duration of the agreement, the questionnaire is the questionnaire used during the spring semester of 2016. Changes to this questionnaire are only made with the agreement of both parties. The university obtains the approval of the association before passing amendments recommended to the Senate for ratification. 22.1 In general, in accordance with the University`s general commitment to non-discrimination in accordance with Article 8 and the principles of employment equity, the parties recognize the need to take specific measures to promote equal employment opportunities for women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, visible minority members in Canada and persons belonging to a sexual and/or sexist minority, commonly referred to as «designated groups.» Real salary: is the salary a member receives at a reduced dependent appointment and is a negotiated share of the reference salary.

Agreement: is this collective agreement that has been negotiated and ratified between the university and the association. (5) The parties recognize that the negotiations and subsequent collective agreement of this bargaining unit «may contain elements that recognize different rights or benefits or conditions of employment» as they carefully distinguish librarians.