Ikea Enterprise Agreement 2017

There is also concern that the current proposals could create an additional gap between the requirements of permanent and casual workers. Paid domestic violence leave rules, currently provided in some enterprise agreements, generally apply only to full-time or part-time workers, where casual workers exposed to violence do not even have access to annual rights or paid sick leave. The ACTU argues that 51% of fixed-price women are employed as casual women, so it is important that casual gamblers be included in all amendments. Otherwise, paid family leave will only serve to provide a greater incentive for employers to abstain. At the end of November 2017, the Greens published a bill to introduce 10-day paid family leave as a new right in National Employment Standards (NES). The Australian Laboratory Party had already committed to five days of paid leave in the NES, but in response to the Greens bill in early December, they increased their commitment to ten days. It is important that the new agreement has a different salary structure, with a greater emphasis on late-night and weekend penalties. Current Coles employees receive a special «obligation» to protect their existing home-taken salaries. The new agreement provides for above-average pay rates, overpaid leave, including paid leave for domestic violence, long-term service, compassionate care, transhumants, blood donors, emergency services, defence and natural disaster leave.

In July 2017, the Fair Work Commission rejected an offer from the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) to make 10-day paid leave available to Australia`s two million employees. Violence against women is now recognized in Australia as a serious and widespread problem. Although awareness of domestic violence as a community problem has increased, much remains to be done to help victims. In 2017, support for response to violence in the workplace has increased significantly, incorporating family and domestic leave into all modern distinctions or national employment standards. At least unpaid leave seems to be included in modern rewards in 2018, as unions, the Greens and the Workers` Party continue to insist on paid leave. Our members at Coles Supermarket are well aware that their enterprise agreement was initially approved by the FWC in 2014 and cancelled in 2016. In November 2016, we convened a meeting of Coles Shop Stewards, who heard a full report on the history of the Coles EBA negotiations. They then unanimously approved a resolution asking Coles to resume negotiations with the SDA to negotiate an EBA that complied with BOOT standards. In 2017, we negotiated with Coles a new EBA which indicated that it had to comply with the FWC`s new interpretation of BOOT. Three other meetings were held across Australia in 2017 with Coles Shop Stewards. They endorsed four key principles that we demonstrated in the negotiations with Coles. I am pleased to announce to all members that our negotiations with Coles are over and that we have been able to meet all four priorities.