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Upon receipt of a counter-disclosure, we will forward them to the complaining party and inform them that we will restore your content within 10 business days. If this party does not inform us that it has taken legal action to give your use of this content on reddit before this deadline elapses, we will consider restoring your user content to the site. You also agree to comply with Reddit`s Content Directive. These guidelines are designed to protect people, protect children, reddit and promote personal responsibility for what you do on reddit. You accept that reddit is not responsible for the actions taken by the moderators or not. If so, should reddit «give us permission» to access content and set rules for its use? I don`t know. You`ll find a starting point in the license agreement on the thought photo pages. You usually put it pretty clear — although their probably overkill for your situation, it will help you make sure you haven`t neglected anything. If you follow any of the links above, please respect the reddit rules and do not vote in other threads. (Info / Contact) The use of the reddit API is subject to the API access rules available here. reddit is a place with many third-party hyperlinks posted by users like you. We are not responsible for the content or actions of websites or third-party services related to posted links. You agree to assume sole legal responsibility for the links you post, and neither this Agreement nor our Privacy Policy applies to content on other websites that are linked to those links.

You should consult the terms and privacy policies of these other sites to understand your rights. Here you will find the license they use for their source code. Hello, the reddators and the internet people! This Reddit user agreement («Conditions») applies to your access and use of Reddit, Inc.`s websites, mobile apps, widgets, APIs, emails and other online products and services (together «services»).» Remember, Reddit is for fun and is supposed to be a place for your entertainment, but we still need some basic rules. By accessing or using our services, you accept these conditions. If you do not agree to these conditions, you cannot access or use our services. Please also take a look at Reddit`s privacy policy — it explains how and why we collect, use and transmit information about you when you access or use our services. It`s important, are you a product developer who likes to create things? How do you feel about cold transmitters, because that`s what it`s going to take.