Spectrum Residential Agreement

I`ve been using Time Warner for 30 years and every year I would call and negotiate a price close to what I paid (the package deal), but this year, when I called «Spectre» to renegotiate a price, I was told by a representative that my current price was continued until next April 2019. When I received my bill, it was $10 higher. After many phone calls with different superiors. I was told that all they could do was «counsel» the person who gave me the prize and could not meet the price I was qu laissez. When I told them I was cutting the cord if they could not meet a price quoted by the workers, basically, a superior said to me «oh good «. Unfortunately, I still need an internet plan and they are the only ones in my field. I`m outraged to pay this company a penny more, but what can I do? I hate monopolies! Thanks to many spectrum 44.99 , promising 100Mbps per month and providing these uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b87efe0df62e6d0300df655195f2e795676654a292c800dea98c8b20176fdfd.gif I never thought I had left a negative opinion on the spectrum in light of my experience I had with comcast. Compared to comcast, Charter has better deals (at least in the area where I live). We recently bought a puppy in which the modem feeder was chewed.

So I thought, «Hey, why the spectrum of calls with the possibility that I have to plan and wait to have a simple power cable?» So I decided to go to the store which is not more than 5 km away. He went to the store and asked her for a new cable. Luckily for me, they didn`t have any more cables to give away, so the guy said he would send a technician to replace the cable without any problems. So they got a technician who went out that day. Well, after all said and made my next statement showed 45 dollars, more than I expected. This, moreover, does not add the amount owed to the instruction presented. The specter called to find out what was going on and the guy told me there was a fee for the technician to come and replace the cord. I was never told that they would charge me so much for a technician to come out to replace a power cable to the modem that I could have replaced myself. I`m sure it wouldn`t have cost me $45. I told the billing department that I was never told by the company or the technician that there would be a $45 charge on the bill. If there is ever a $45 charge, I can assure you that I would never have told them to waste their time replacing a simple power cable. Now, after discussing the problem with them, as I was willing to pay my bill, but not willing to pay the $45 fee, they did say it would continue on the next bill and the possibility that my service would be interrupted.

After I told them that if I knew the tax and accepted, then I would pay it proudly, but obviously not. I then tried to explain to them that I am willing to keep their service and pay my bills, except that they are doing something against the $45. Well, they told me that they could not waive these fees and that only the technician could do it. So I concluded that the technician was just trying to get paid. I was told that the technician was not paid like that, but by the company. Which makes me wonder why they can`t give up the tax? I made a deal with them for two years, during which after 2 years she asks me for $1200, but they do a big thing above $45 in fees and risk losing $1200 above a $45 tax that they never mentioned to me.