The Gym Membership Agreement

2.1 All Gym Juniors members must participate in Scottish Gymnastics within 3 weeks of their undergraduate degree. 2.2 Your membership starts on the start date at the Gym Juniors Gym, which you would like to join. 2.3 You pay the registration fee on the date of membership at the price indicated by Gym Juniors 2.4 Gym Juniors, reserves the right to change its fees at any time. Unless existing members have been informed in writing of the new membership fees, all new fees on the site apply only to new members. 2.5 Apart from 2.6 below, all prepaid fees are not refundable (except at the sole discretion of Gym Juniors). 2.6 In addition to this membership agreement, all members are subject to all separate rules provided by the premises or our partners and made available to members. 2.7 Gym Juniors reserves the right to reject any application for membership at its sole discretion. 2.8 Sometimes we have to change the schedules, the type of session or the location of the classes. If we have to, we will send you, as far as possible, an email informing you of the change or an announcement on the reservation system and Facebook. 2.9 Parent/guardian members must be over the age of 18, unless agreed with Gym Juniors 2.10 to make a reservation on the site and app, you will have secure access to the self-service part of the site, where you can set up a secure connection with a username and password. You can check the courses booked and make additional reservations.

2.11 When you enter the premises or receive a service from one of our partners, you may be invited to present your membership card. Locals and partners reserve the right to refuse access/discount or services if your membership card is not presented. 2.12 Your membership card is reserved for your personal use. You cannot rent your membership card to other people. Replacement cards are charged at $5.00. 2.13 The use of your personal data by us and our partners is carried out in accordance with our privacy policy and all of our partners` privacy policies. 2.14 Payment of fees is made by our external liquidator. When booking, leave the website and enter a third party`s booking engine, followed by another third party`s payment site.

The payment is then made by credit or debit card via a secure connection. Gym Juniors does not have access to your credit card data. Once you leave our website, you are subject to the terms and conditions of our third-party booking machine and payment agent. We are not responsible for the damage caused by the use of our partner`s services. 2.15 Membership also gives you access to the community section of our website. Your use of our website is subject to our terms of use on the site. By posting content on our website, you agree to these terms of use. 2.16 From time to time, we will take photos, videos or testimonials from you and your children`s participation in classes and events. As a member, you give us permission to use these images, recordings and reviews to promote junior gym services. Please let us know immediately if you do not want us to use such images, images or reviews in this way.

We will make reasonable efforts to inform you by email or via our Facebook page the day before the shooting or photos of the class. If you do not wish to participate, please take another course. 2.17 The monthly subscription starts on the start date and runs for 1 month of schedule (z.B. if you pay your monthly registration/fee fee on February 17, your monthly subscription runs from February 17 to March 16 and is deferred monthly until the end in accordance with section 3 below).