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The concept of a football transfer first appeared in England after the Football Association (FA) introduced the registration of players some time after 1885. Previously, a player could agree to play one or more games for a football club. After acknowledging professionalism in 1885,[2] the FA tried to control professional players by introducing a player registration system. Players had to register each season with a club, even though it remained at the same club as in the pre-season. A player has not been allowed to play until he has been registered for this season. Once a player has been registered with a club, he could not be registered with another club or play for another club during the same season without the permission of the FA and the club that held his registration. However, players could join a different club before the start of each season, even if their former club wanted to keep them. One method of sanctioning the club applied by FIFA is the transfer ban. Since July 2015, several youth football clubs and the U.S.

Soccer Federation have been the subject of persistent controversy over the matter. When the Seattle Sounders sold DeAndre Yedlin`s rights to Tottenham Hotspur for $4 million, a Seattle youth club Yedlin had played for, Crossfire Premier, was looking for his share of solidarity funds. While the Spurs acknowledged Crossfire`s assertion, MLS and U.S. Soccer intercepted the funds before being sent to Crossfire and claimed that the verdict sealed in a 1996 antitrust proceeding granted MLS exclusive rights over all transfer fees involving league players. Since then, Crossfire has asked FIFA to either impose the payment or allow the club to sue MLS and U.S. Soccer; Since then, several other youth clubs have joined the demand for crossfires, including one of Clint Dempsey`s former clubs. [260] In April 2014, The Spanish club Barcelona was banned from transferring two consecutive windows from June 2014 and a fine of $305,000 for violations of the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18, while the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) was fined $340,000 and was asked to «regulate its legal framework and the existing system with regard to the international transfer of minors in football.» [308] [309] [310] FIFA`s provisions require that international transfers of minors be accepted in only three scenarios: (1) the player`s parents have moved to another country for unrelated reasons; (2) the move to the European Union is made when the player is between 16 and 18 years old; or (3) the player`s house is less than 50 km from the national border that is crossed. [311] [312] However, the lock was temporarily lifted until the end of the transfer window, the club was able to buy players in the 2014 summer transfer window,[314][315][315] during which it was able to complete the purchases of Marc-André ter Stegen[316] Claudio Bravo,[317] Luis Suérez,[318] Jérémy Mathieu[319] and Thomas Vermaelen. [320] The appeal was dismissed on August 20. [321] [322] The ban would have «shaken» Barcelona`s image. [323] Athletic director Andoni Zubizarreta was fired in January 2015 for his role. [324] In English football came the first million us dollars in 1979, when Nottingham Forest hired striker Trevor Francis from Birmingham City.