Uob Merchant Agreement

«As we continue to add new portfolios and merchants to the ecosystem, Visa cardholders will be able to seamlessly and centrally manage their digital credentials from UOB Mighty, creating an improved and safer experience.» Discover: Fave, Fitbit, Grab, Mastercard, Shopee, UOB (United Overseas Bank), Visa Read more: App, Contactless, Credit Card, Debit Card, Digital Card Management, Fitbit Pay, Kunal Chatterjee, Mastercard, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, Push Provisioning, UOB Mighty, Visa API Merchant Additional Terminal or Add On Facility Request Form «UOB is our first partner in the world to launch our api pushing token Merchant Change of Bank Account / Mailing Address Update Form «UOB has partnered with Visa to be the first bank in the world to open a new Visa Programming Interface (API) that allows customers to securely add their visa and debit credit cards to popular applications with UOB Mighty without the need for a physical card,» the bank said. To find out about a dealer`s boarding process, please complete the reseller application form and send it to Merchant.MgtAcquiring@UOBgroup.com. «Because all UOB credit and debit cards on UOB Mighty after application approval UOB customers simply need to connect to the bank`s UOB Mighty mobile banking app and choose the card they want to add to their preferred third-party app.» This means that customers will no longer have to manually enter their 16-digit card number, expiry date and card security code, or, if they are new customers, will have to wait until their credit and debit cards are delivered to them before they can make purchases on their card. Customers are then automatically redirected to the selected app for confirmation. The whole process is completed in seconds and on the mobile phone. «UOB customers can use this new service for Fitbit Pay for their UOB Visa cards. It will also be available on fave, sepulchre and Shopees apps, as well as for UOB Mastercard cards in the coming months. Merchant Partnership — Development Unit also provides support services to our existing customers through our Merchant Contact Centre, where incoming calls and email requests are managed.